It is time to introduce our cosplay judges!

Please welcome Maddy Blonde (https://www.instagram.com/maddy.blonde/)

Hello everyone! I’m Maddy Blonde and am cosplayer from Latvia. I’ve been coslaying for around 15 years.
Cosplay is a big part of my life. Even though I am busy in my everyday life and don’t have much time to be super active in cosplay community, I will always have time to make something.
I like to create costumes with interesting textiles and materials. But most importantly I am drawn to character backstories.
This will be my first time being a judge and I can’t wait to meet everyone and see up close the amazing costumes and performances.
Good luck to everyone and wish you all the best!

Our second cosplay judge is Crazy Queen (https://www.instagram.com/crazyqueen.cosplayer/)

Hi wonderful cosplayers and dear guests!

I am Crazy Queen! I returned to my art hobby 7 years ago. Cosplay world to me is absolute freedom to all art forms. Here intertwine fabrics, eva foam, iron, electronics, paint, glue – everything you can glue, sew, tie, hang, twist, and hammer together, just to make result maximum close to original idea!

I especially value costumes, no matter is it first or 66th, which are made with care, neatly and using most unexpected objects and things from surroundings.

And it doesn’t matter where I am – whether among the participants in the show or in the judge’s chair, my heart is with everyone who steps on the stage and I am always deeply moved by the performances.

I really look forward to all the participants in Jaff/J-Zone 2023

And our third cosplay judge – Ker Satomi!

Hello! My name is Ker Satomi, and I am a bit of a dinosaur in the world of cosplay. I was present at the birth of this movement in Riga, at the early Animefests. I am a participant and winner of various festivals related not only to cosplay, but also to historical costumes. I am also a freestyle Venetian mask and fashion model. I am not a professional seamstress, but at the same time I like to sew by hand. I like to create original costumes and characters. In cosplay, I like accuracy and extraordinary solutions in the manufacture of costumes. I am always ready to help with advice and suggest something that I can do myself.