Dear all!

We are happy to announce a new pop-up cosplay competition in the program of Burning Pumpkins Fest, which is inspired by Halloween!

This time we are looking mostly for 2 categories – EVIL characters (preferred) , and others (also allowed)

Dark side residents – spirits, witches, demons, ghosts, shamans, pumpkins, goths and others evil characters.

Others (not-so-evil characters) are also welcome.

Official vegetable of event – pumpkin.

Our official colors – black, orange (yellow).

Deadline of submission is the 27th of October, 2021.

Please, check our rules before You fill your application.

The Burning Pumpkins Fest Cosplay completion will take place on Saturday,30th and Sunday 31st of October, 2021 in Kultuurikatel venue in Tallinn, Estonia.

Exact time to be announced!


To register, please, fill an application form and submit it no later than the 27th of October, 2021.

In addition to the application, it is important to add the selected background music as a link for MP3 format file and provide a picture of your character.

Please, design your background soundtrack (music and/or dialogue and sound effects ), record it as a single MP3 file and sent a link for your music to us. We prefer, if you Google Drive media folder with your name, but, in exceptional cases, we are ready accept your sound design by e-mail too ( jaff@animefest.eu ). If you need microphones or another equipment during your performance, please note. If you need any props for your performance, please, inform us.


You can cosplay any characters from an official published sources of entertainment – manga, games, comics, anime etc. We are not objected, if you preformed your original characters or fan fictions.

Stage performance

  1. It is forbidden to use obscenity, profanities, gestures encouraging violence, and pornography. Performances going against cultural and/or social norms will not be let on stage. Please make sure your performances are ethic and aesthetic. Things that break easily and pyrotechnics are not allowed.

On stage

  1. On stage it is forbidden to use glitter, liquids, or other substances hard to remove (anything that takes more than 1 minute to clean and cannot be swept with a brush). If you want to throw something into the audience, you must be careful.
  2. All props used on stage must be safe and cannot be used to cause bodily harm (blunt blades and plastic marking on weapons*). Additionally, all organizers reserve the right to confiscate any knives, knife-like objects and other cutting utensils that can cause bodily harm.

* Weapons are all items that are regulated by the Republic of Estonia Weapons Act (firearms, gas weapons, pneumatic weapons, throwing weapons, cut-and-thrust weapons, and electroshock weapons). 

If you have any questions about costume guidelines, please, contact us.

As organizers we reserve the right to restrict the number of performances.

We are aiming for up to 40 performances in total. If the number of submissions is much higher than this, we reserve the right to use the information if your submission to choose who gets to go on stage.

We will try got to all of you possibility to shine at our stage!

The event have following categories of competition


Maximum peopleMaximum length
Solo120 seconds
Group 2-15 people on the stage5 minutes

Our international guest jury will judge all categories except the audience favorite one. The judges will also have the opportunity to award special prizes at their own discretion.


Défilé: This is mainly about your costume and your ability to present it on stage as well as you can within approximately 1-2 minutes. You can perform solo or as a duo.

Stage show: Compilation between great costumes, story and choreography.


Prize Pool of all Burning Pumpkins Fest competitions will be paid in cash. Total amount of Prize Pool will be announced not later than the 1st of October, 2021.

Also, we expect more non-monetary prizes from our partners, sponsors and funds.


What we count as your private data: your name, email, phone number, citizenship/place of residence and age) as well as photos and videos of you.

Data provided during registration

The only people with the access to your private data are the Head Organizers and cosplay competition organizers (“Organizers” from now on).

During and after the festival

Either while walking around the festival or being on stage, you might be captured in a photo or video in regards to Burning Pumpkins Fest. By a private person, a company or the festival itself.

The official photos and videos from Burning Pumpkins Fest will be uploaded to the festival’s social media channels.

Official photos will also be used on Burning Pumpkins Fest website and social media to introduce what is going on at the festival.

Official photos and videos might also be used for advertisement/promotion (social media, the press, television etc).

In the registration form you will have the chance to opt out from your photo/video being used in advertisements/promotion. Please note however that this will only apply you yourself or you with a small group of people are in shot. This does not count for general festival crowd shots. If you leave the field blank, we will take it as confirmation that you are OK with us using photos or videos of you.