Konichiwa! Hello!

I’m Lisbeth, a young tattoo artist from Tallinn. I will participate in the festival where there is an opportunity for us to see each other. Decorate your bodies with small and atmospheric tattoos and leave a memory of it for a lifetime! Now I am just starting my journey and draw inspiration from everything I love: movies, books, music. And playing the guitar helps to relieve stress and open up to new ideas. Well, how can no one see it without songs and dances. This Halloween I want to plunge you into my “SPIRAL MADNESS”! Instagram @lisbeth_tattoo

Facebook: Lisbeth Lang

TikTok: lisbeth_tattoo

Hello, weary traveler

I’m your local fox tattoo artist @urban_f8x from the studio @blackcornertlln This year I’ll be entertaining you at the Pumpkin Festival doing flash tattoos! Check out the designs at my highlights “available” and book your time! But you can also do them on place. Doing tattoos since November 2020. Dreamed about it for 10 years and happy to finally start this lifetime adventure; illustrations – the old fashioned way with paper, gouache, pencils, acrylic paints and canvas, sometimes epoxy. I like this way to create, ’cause I love and need to feel the material with my paws (the same rule goes for crafting); Crafts – could be anything: from polymer clay pins and dreadlock beads to recycling old stuff and to give them a new life; paint random clothes: t-shirts, boots and any other magic; recycling – reuse paper, make something old and boring better, give it a spark. That’s why you won’t find similar products and packaging in my gallery/shop. Inspiration hits without asking and you just go and do it. I like to create what ever comes up my mind.