Dear All!

Thank you for your applications for participation in the Burning Pumpkins Festival. This time we expect the biggest Art Alley in our history.

For participation in our festival you’ll need to buy 2-days ticket HERE: https://www.piletilevi.ee/est/piletid/kogupere/messid-ja-festivalid/polevate-korvitsate-fest-jaff-2-paeva-pilet-340719/

or HERE:


It is possible to buy a ticket at the place, but price will be a little bit higher.

We wait you in Tallinna Kultuurikatel venue on Saturday, 29.10. from 8 am. You will pass to the venue through A1 entrance. Doors for public will be open from 11 am.

Size of your table is 152 x 76 x 74.

On Sunday, 30.10. entrance A1 will be open for participants from 8 am. Doors for public will open from 11.

See you soon!


A1 entrance